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Why should I take the SAT?

Compelling Reason to take the SAT

Every year, around two million US students and hundreds of thousands students worldwide take the SAT. Most of these students apply to US colleges. Of greater importance is the fact that virtually every college in the US accepts the SAT as the default entrance test. What is more - many of those colleges actually require the SAT for admission.

Good SAT scores improves chances of admit to good schools

It is a known fact that a good SAT scores virtually guarantees admit to a program of your choice in a school of your choice. All it takes is a few months of dedicated hard work to get those good scores and ensure that you have taken the right step into your college education.

First amongst equals

Even if you are accepted to the college of your choice, you will be sorted out to different levels of classes. If you do well on the SAT, you are likely to be considered for placement into a higher-level class. So, if you want to be first amongst equals in college, then excel on the SAT.

Scholarships....are directly related to SAT scores

A good score in the SAT, in addition to ensuring admit to a good college of your choice, is also likely to fetch you financial assistance. It is not just the money that you gain, but saying that you received scholarship for your college education speaks volume about your scholastic ability. And that is one thing that will keep you in good stead many years later.

Benefits of SAT Scores do not stop with College admissions

You may find it difficult to believe - but the fact is that an increasing number of students who graduate and apply to jobs find that better employers these days are asking for your SAT scores in your job application! Since SAT scores measure your ability to reason, many employers are interested in how you performed on the SAT. Therefore, you should take the SAT seriously not only to enter college, but to further your career prospects at a later date. And it might be a little too late to improve your SAT scores at the time of graduation.