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How is the SAT scored?

Understanding & Interpreting SAT Scores

How is SAT Raw score computed?

SAT computes a scaled scored based on your raw scores.

This is the number of points you earned, based on the number of questions you answered correctly, minus a fraction of the number answered incorrectly. Questions you skipped are not counted and no points are subtracted for incorrect Student Produced Response mathematics questions (grid-ins).

  • Each correct answer is awarded +1 point.
  • Each incorrect response in multiple choice questions results in 1/4 of a point being subtracted from your score
  • No marks are subtracted for an incorrect answer to student produced response.


SAT Scaled Score: What is Range of Scores?

Your raw score is then converted to a scaled score (reported on a 200-800 scale) by a statistical process called equating to ensure that the different forms of the test or the level of ability of the students with whom you are tested do not affect your score.

You will get a scaled score (reported on a 200-800 scale) in this manner for your Critical Reading and Mathematics sections.


What kind of scaled scores are available for the writing section?

The scores for the writing section has two components and one composite scaled score.

  1. The raw scores for the multiple-choice writing section are converted to scaled scores that are reported on a 20-80 scale.
  2. Every SAT Reasoning Test contains a 25-minute essay. The essay subscore is reported on a 2-12 scale.
  3. The multiple-choice writing section counts for approximately 70% and the essay counts for approximately 30% of your total raw score, which is used to calculate your 200-800 score in the critical writing section.


Are all sections scored? Is there an UNSCORED section?

Every SAT Reasoning test includes a 25-minute section, which doesn't count toward your final score. Please remember that you won't be able to tell which section is the unscored section. It may be a critical reading, mathematics, or multiple-choice writing section.